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Does a Publicist Need to Brand Themselves?

Some people may wonder, "If Publicist are in the business of Branding other people, does a Publicist need to Brand themselves?" The short answer is Yes!

Everyone is a Brand, including Publicists! Sound weird and complicated..I've had people ask me the following questions more than once, "How can a Publicist brand themselves and their clients? Isn't that a conflict?" "Doesn't that take away from the client's opportunities?" "Isn't that considered self serving?"

All of those questions are fair especially when it comes to a client's investment in Public Relations to build their Brand! It may seem self serving to have your Publicist appear on the same talk show they booked you for last week! However, nothing could be further from the truth!

Most Publicists like myself are sought after for their expertise in the areas of Public Relations, Branding, Social Media, Media Training and much more! Having your Publicist acknowledge as an expert in their field can be a bonus for you as a client and for them!

The bonus comes for the client because it reassures the public that your Brand is being represented by a reputable firm. Building more trust between your target audience, which leads to more customers and increased revenue!

The bonus comes for the Publicist/PR Firm in the form of being legitimize as an expert in their field, being a reputable firm to represent your Brand, trustworthiness, more clients, increased revenue!

At the end of the day, having your Publicists go hard in the paint to represent not only your Brand but theirs as well is a Win-Win for all parties involved!

Take a look at me Branding myself from speaking engagements I was asked to do, the Mayor of Houston's event and a client's event the Week of February 23rd to 29th! It was indeed a busy week with lots of opportunity to brand myself and SHE Bridges PR! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 23rd - Panelists at The Urban CEO Summit:

I was also interviewed during the Summit by Urban CEO TV and the BOSS Up Network!

Wednesday, February 26th - Speaker at Prairie View A&M University's Comm Week!:

I spoke to the students about "The Changing Face of PR: What's Hot, Lukewarm & Cold!" My favorite part is talking to the students one on one afterwards! It lets me know that I captured their undivided attention, even if only for a few minutes during my presentation! Lol!

Thursday, February 27th - Client Event Daddy Duty 365 Podcast & Comcast featuring Comedian/Actor Tommy Davidson

This is my favorite picture from that night!

From l to r: Me, Tommy Davidson, (My Client) Shannon LaNier from the CW39 Morning Dose Show/Host/Creator of Daddy Duty 365 Podcast and Jonathan Martin Anchor from Fox 26 Houston!

More pics I took that night with my VIP Guest and Friends!

Friday, February 28th - Mayor's History Makers Awards Presented by Comcast:

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